Richard Franklin is an English photographer living in Los Angeles.

Whilst most photography consists of capturing the world around us Richard creates his abstract visions of the wonders of outer space. Who amongst us does not feel awe when we look to the stars? Richard not only imagines the vastness and beauty of space but also the most delicate intricacies of the tiniest atomic particles. His concepts are bold even encompassing fantasies of the very origins of the universe.

Stylistically his work is very distinctive. The constant use of gorgeously vivid colors, dramatic themes and ever changing textures. He deliberately challenges himself to always seek an original approach, to explore the wonders of the macro and micro world and to showcase the marvels that can be created through the medium of a camera and lens. He is self-taught, creates his images in camera and not in Photoshop and works without assistants. His effects are derived from multiple lighting sources with colored gels utilizing as his canvas water, glass and acrylic. Many of his series take days to perfect.

He sets himself very high standards and his joy comes from the challenge of complexity. He sees the camera as an extension of the essence of the user. He expresses this thought in this way.

"There is an old cliché that when it comes to photography "it's all in the eye". I disagree. It's all in the mind. The brain processes the information it receives from the eye and then goes through a staggering array of permutations before executing the command to press the shutter release button. Amongst those permutations is the sum total of our life's experiences and the values that derive from them".

Richard is inspired both by the infinite variety and wonder of the universe and humbled in the face of the intricacies of a camera that can convey his visualizations.

This site features the abstract photography of Richard Franklin.